Welcome to Experience Startup!

Have you just recently started to think of something new and unique? Did you just come up with the perfect product or think of offering a new service? Are you already making your first steps towards realization of your idea? Or your enterprise is already in the game for a while? No matter at what stage you are – it means one thing: you are on the way towards something new, exciting, and… your own. You are starting!

Establishing a startup can be as challenging as it can be exciting. By using knowledge and experience of those who are familiar with the potential pitfalls arising in the process of incorporating a new business and of someone who knows how to avoid them, you are gaining a valuable entrepreneurial experience while simultaneously avoiding the risks in the process of a startup creation.


We can support you in developing a business model, building your sales strategy, finding the right partners or entering a new market – all aspects crucially important for every startup. We’ll guide you through the whole process in a way that will help you to avoid big mistakes and support in difficult situations and offer you hands-on business coaching – whenever and whereever you need it.