Packages for Startups

You can choose from different consultation packages. Each package contains an introductory consultation – a two-hour session during which the client and the Experience Startup Team get to know each other and define together which further direction to take.


Interested in one of the packages? Just contact us – we will get back to you within 24 hours!

Package “Start the Startup” – 5 hours consultation

You still do not know exactly how to turn your idea into a business case? You have a vision of the startup, but do not understand yet how to make it work for profit? In a five-hour live consultation, in person or via Skype you will be advised on how to move from a vision to a working company.

Introductionary price: 499€UR / 550 U$D

Package “Modelling the Business” – 10 hours consultation

This package is fitting for the entrepreneurs who already know where to go, but still need a right business model. Within this package we will figure out which team constellation and resources you need and how the financial plan should look like.

This consultation of a total 10 hours will be split into several sessions with an individually agreed duration of each. So, no worries about a 10 hours marathon. 😉

Introductionary price : 899€UR / 1.000U$D

Package “Experience Sales” – 10 hours consultation + 5 hours sales demo

Your product or service is ready to to be sold? Then it is the right time and package to start working on your sales. Together we will find out what your unique selling point (USP) is about, who your best customers are and, most importantly, how and where to find them. Within this package we also work on your ideal sales pitch – the one that perfectly fits your product, makes you feel confident and comfortable and targets your potential customers.

Additionally, this package offers a five-hour live demo – a digital (or analog) guidance through the sales process and coaching in the first sales talks.

Introductionary price: 1.299€UR / 1.450U$D

Individual Packages

Not every startup is similar in its ideas, vision and goals, while not every founder needs the same kind of support. If your requirements stand out of the proposed packages – just contact us and together we will find a non-standard solution for you and your start up!

Our packages have a transparent cost structure, an important argument for startups in the early stages, and an easy way of payment by bank transfer or PayPal. No hidden costs, no traps – only hands-on business coaching tailored for your needs!

Interested in one of our packages? Contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.